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Warranty Information

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Consumer Rights, the SKIF online store provides warranty for the entire range of goods in the manner prescribed by the Law. The warranty periods for goods are indicated directly on the product cards on the site.

Warranty obligations do not apply in the following cases:

  • there is mechanical or other damage that arose as a result of deliberate or careless actions of the buyer or third parties;
  • violated terms of use set forth in the accompanying documents;
  • unauthorized opening, repairs or changes were made to the internal communications and components of the goods, the design or schemes of the goods were changed;
  • damage resulting from misuse of the goods, or in violation of operation rules.


The return of the purchased product is to be carried out within 14 calendar days from the date of its purchase in a retail store/receipt in a delivery service.

To return the goods of proper quality within a 14-day period, the following conditions must be met:

  • the product remains market condition and consumer appeal.
  • there are no traces of use, wearing, washing, etc.
  • all accessories, components and documentation supplied with the goods are preserved, packaging, seals and labels are not damaged.
  • a document that confirms the fact and conditions of purchase is required (available in the package with the goods).

1.1. Return of goods ordered by mail:

  • exchange or return of goods is carried out by registering the parcel in the transport service according to the data of the sender of the original parcel.
  • registration of a return parcel WITHOUT C.O.D. (cash on delivery payment).
  • the buyer pays for the shipping of the returned goods, the cost of which is set by the transport service.

1.2 Returning goods purchased from a retail store:

the exchange or return of goods is carried out directly at the retail store during working hours by prior agreement with the management of the IBIS store or the operators of the SKIF-OUTDOOR online store.


The refund period is set in accordance with the Rules for the sale of goods to order and outside of office or retail premises, (Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated April 19, 2007 No. 103) and is up to 30 calendar days.


OPTION 1: If the goods were purchased in advance (transfer of funds to the company's account), the return is carried out in the same way to the details of the sender of funds

OPTION 2: If payment for the goods was made by cash on delivery (payment for goods upon receipt), the refund is discussed directly with the buyer

To transfer money, you need to specify the following details:

  • Name of the bank
  • Full name of the recipient
  • Beneficiary card account number
  • Purpose of payment (must contain order number and full name)