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Camping lantern Skif Outdoor Buster Black/Green

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The Skif Outdoor Buster Flashlight is ideal for camping and outdoor enthusiasts. The convenient form factor, the bright color of the body, and the nice price clearly distinguish this model from its counterparts.

The design, which combines both a flashlight and a lantern function, will allow this device to be used in any circumstances. Buster is switched on with one central button which also allows you to switch between brightness modes easily. Besides its usual white light, the flashlight has a red light available in two modes: static and flashing.

The power of the flashlight is supplied with a built-in 3000 mAh battery. The flashlight is charged with a USB cable (included).

The body is made of durable plastic. There is a foldable handle on it for easy carrying. The kit includes a carabiner that helps to attach the flashlight to a backpack or equipment.

The indicator on the central button allows you to determine the battery state of charge: a blue backlight indicates that the flashlight is charged. Red - discharged.

Aperture, Lm 450
Battery format Аккумулятор 3000 mAh
Case Пластик
Complectation Flashlight, USB cable, strap, instructions
Continuous glow time Режим лампы: 350 lm - 2.5 часа/200 lm - 5 часов/180 lm - 45 часов. Режим фонаря: 450 lm - 4 часа/250 lm - 10 часов
Dimensions, LxWxH 168х80х78 mm
Lanterns Светодиодные (LED)
Number of brightness modes 6
Tightness IPx4
Weight, g 420

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