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Self-inflating mat Skif Outdoor Duplex

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Skif Outdoor Duplex is a double self-inflating camping mat for outdoor recreation, camping, and travel without sacrificing convenience.

This camping mat is made of polyester resistant to mechanical damage, and filled with soft polyurethane foam, evenly distributing pressure, providing maximum comfort, and guarantees a good thermal insulation effect.

The model is equipped with a pillow that can be inflated effortlessly by mouth in a matter of minutes.

The seams are securely sealed, which ensures absolute tightness and waterproofness. However, this does not make this mat suitable for swimming.

No devices are required to bring the camping mat into working condition. It is enough to roll it out and open the valve and leave it for a few minutes, allowing it to draw in air. If necessary, the mat can be inflated to the desired density. The model has two plastic valves for inflating the main body and two silicone valves for inflating the pillow.

There are buttons along the perimeter, with the help of which you can connect several camping roll mats to increase the sleeping space or fold the mat in half to increase the thickness.

Skif Outdoor Duplex ground pad is equipped with a drawstring closure polyester cover for storage and transportation.

Color Blue
Dimensions, LxWxH 192х157х3 cm
Folded dimensions, LxWxH 79х21 cm
Material PU Foam, Polyester
Weight, g 3100

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