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Camping tent Skif Outdoor Adventure Auto II Green

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Skif Outdoor Adventure Auto II is an automatic convertible camping tent designed to shelter from the sun and overnight during hiking, fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation in the warm season. The peculiarity of the Skif Outdoor Adventure Auto II model is its ease of use, and even beginner campers can set up and assemble this tent in minutes.

The Adventure Auto II tent is made of special breathable 170T polyester, so it doesn't get stuffy even when the inlet valve is closed.

The model has a water resistance level of 500 mm and easily withstands light rain and dew. Also, the tent has a special coating that protects against ultraviolet rays, which is indispensable when used in sunny weather.

Adventure Auto II consists of an external awning and a tent attached to it. If necessary, the inner part can be easily detached, and the awning with a frame can be used independently for protection from the sun. Also, in rainy weather, you can first unfasten and twist the tent, slowly collect things, and fold the awning at the end.

Two entrances and exits, duplicated with a mosquito net, provide comfortable ventilation in hot weather and access from any side. The main doors and nets are equipped with double-sided fittings, allowing you to conveniently open and close them both from the outside and inside.

The frame of the tent is a folding structure of 4 arches, consisting of three segments. All that is needed is to unfold the tent, align the arcs by lifting the tent, set it up, and press it down in the center with a little effort.

The poles are made of tubular flexible fiberglass that can withstand high loads. The fasteners between the sections and the automatic movement are made of high-quality, durable plastic.

The model is equipped with an inside pocket for storing the necessary small items and a hook under the mesh dome for hanging a flashlight. The tent is equipped with slings and steel pegs to fix the tent to the ground.

Complete set: bag (1), tent with automatic mechanism (1), steel pegs (8), slings (4).

Awning waterproofness, mm 500
Bottom PE 120 g/m2
Dimensions, LxWxH 200х200х135 cm
Folded dimensions, LxWxH 20х12х77 cm
Frame Fiberglass
Number of entrances 2
Number of seats 3
Season Spring-summer
Tent Polyester 170T
Weight, kg 3.5

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