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Inflatable pillow Skif Outdoor One-Man. Coyote

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The Skif Outdoor One-Man pillow is a practical self-inflating travel accessory that makes relaxation during travel, camping, long car trips, and flights comfortable.

The pillow is made of durable, resistant to mechanical damage polyester. One side has a velour texture that is pleasant to the touch. Polyurethane foam padding distributes pressure for maximum comfort.

The seams are securely sealed, which ensures absolute tightness and waterproofness. However, the product is not intended to be used as a flotation device.

No tools are required to bring the pillow into working condition. It is enough just to roll it out and open the valve and leave it for a couple of minutes, allowing it to draw in air. If necessary, the pillow can be inflated by mouth to the desired density.

Dimensions, LxWxH 45х28х12 cm
Folded dimensions, LxWxH 30х11 cm
Material PU Foam, Polyester
Weight, g 335

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