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Folding table Skif Outdoor Compact I

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Skif Outdoor Compact I, a lightweight and compact folding camping table, is an excellent choice for modern people who prefer comfortable outdoor recreation.

The tabletop is a laminated board made of MDF, an unpretentious material to maintain.

The frame is constructed from aluminum tubes to ensure durability.

Such a table will not take up much space in the trunk of a car, and if a resting place is nearby, then it can be easily transported by hand. For this purpose, the model has a convenient handle on the side.

The Skif Outdoor Compact I table is equipped with special plastic leg tips to ensure its greater stability.

Dimensions, LxWxH 60х40х25.5 sm
Packing size, LxWxH 63х42х3.5 sm
Permissible load, kg 20
Weight, kg 1.37

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