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Folding chair Skif Outdoor Cramb I. Black/orange

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Skif Outdoor Cramb I is a lightweight and compact folding stool that will become an indispensable companion for backpackers. The model has an easy-to-use sturdy construction that opens within seconds.

The model consists of a metal frame, assembled from 8 tubes, joined together with an elastic band, and a seat made of high-strength textile.

The model is ideal for those who prefer traveling light since the folded size allows you to carry the stool even in a backpack, without burdening it with excess weight.

The model is equipped with a textile cover for easy storage and transportation.

Dimensions, LxWxH 22х25х26 sm
Material Aluminum
Packing size, LxWxH 27х13х4 sm
Permissible load, kg 80
Weight, kg 0.298

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